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Facebook alternative.  Stay in touch with family or meet new friends.  Locate old college classmates.  Friendoozle has built in instant messenger, forums, pages and groups.  Upload your videos and photos using the mobile web and use integrated Skype to stay in touch.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Microsoft Merging Windows Messenger With Skype

Within weeks of my interview with Steve Gallinger, Director of Technology at Friendoozle, Microsoft has begun the migration of Windows Messenger users onto Skype.  Did the folks over at Friendoozle know this was coming?  It seems rather timely to say the least that decided on the integration of Skype instead of Yahoo Messenger or some other service.

Steve Gallinger remarked that "We were pleased with Microsoft's purchase of Skype. With Microsoft's backing Skype will benefit from their vast pool of talent and capital that will provide for continued enhancements and developments of the Skype software. The added stability they will bring should benefit Skype's robust user base with a record 10 plus million concurrent sessions - a record set not too long ago."

It is true that bringing the loyal users of Windows Messenger into the Skype fold should increase the user base of Skype.  It only stands to reason that Steve Gallinger and the Friendoozle team called this one right.  They have made a very good decision to offer their members the ability to use Skype within their membership.  Watch Friendoozle in the future I feel they are ready to expand.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Skype Interview With Steve Gallinger - The Technology Director at Friendoozle is a social networking website that has been around for approximately seven years. We wanted to talk with their development team about their decision to integrate support for Skype in their service. We met with Steve Gallinger, Technology Director, to explore Friendoozle and discuss what is in the development pipeline at Friendoozle. Steve met with us on Skype aboard his beautiful sailboat near his home on Lake Ontario.

 Lynn: Steve it is a pleasure to finally get to meet you. I have been aware of your influence in the technology sector for sometime. Tell me how did you come to partner with Friendoozle?

Steve: Well, let's see. I have been working in the technology sector a really long time. I was living on the West Coast and leading a team in development for an enterprise level Voip system that would enable multiuser open microphone conferencing without the "push to talk" type that we were all accustomed to at that time. I met the president of Friendoozle through our beta test program. He was a beta tester for the service that we were working on and we just hit it off.

Lynn: So did you know that the president of Friendoozle was working on a type of social networking service back then? Was there anything like that at the time?

Steve: There was nothing out there at the time that he was talking about his ideas. This was way before Facebook.

Lynn: So what type of service was he talking to you about?

Steve: Well what peaked my interest was his desire to integrate some version of our Voip system into a web portal service as an offering to our military families as a way to communicate from wherever they had access to the internet and offer it as a free service to them.

 Lynn: That was a noble gesture how was he going to fund the operation with offering a service for free? Wasn't that unheard of at the time?

Steve: Yes and I told him as much. But he insisted and I was intrigued at his business model. He would fund it with corporate donations and advertising space. I was hooked and the rest is history. That began a friendship that has endured from late 2002 to present.

Lynn: OK lets fast forward to present, here we are in 2013 and you guys have released a total redesign of Friendoozle. What is new and fresh in this total revamping of

Steve: Well, at my insistence, we abandoned the idea of offering several ways for our users to connect. We had experience with voice and video applications that were available back then. Many of our integrations had used software like CUSeeMe, iVisit, Userplane and the older releases of popular instant messenger programs like MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and AIM. We had built support for our users to choose which messengers they preferred to use within our service.

Lynn: That sounds really confusing to me. I think it would be hard to manage all those services as a member. It seems having too many options might be a detriment.

Steve: You want a job? That is exactly what we discovered after testing this model. Our members were not successful in making connections because there were too many options. We have since scaled our offering to utilize just four points of contact.

Lynn: Your website describes chat rooms, on-site instant messaging, and on-site mail. What is the fourth?

Steve: We have just finished the integration of Skype into our website. We take advantage of the Skype feature, "Skype me". It allows our members to add their Skype username into our database and we in turn publish the online status available through the Skype API. When you are online with Skype your friends on Friendoozle can click to call you from within Friendoozle.

Lynn: Why did you choose Skype to integrate instead of something else like Yahoo messenger?

Steve: Well we took a real hard look at Yahoo's messenger and it works great by the way. Probably the most compelling reason we chose Skype is that Skype had around 700 million registered users where Yahoo was around 250 million at the time we finished our analysis.

 Lynn: Are you suggesting some sort of partnership arrangement with Skype?

Steve: Not at this time but we are certainly open to any conversation to that effect. We were pleased with Microsoft's purchase of Skype. With Microsoft's backing Skype will benefit from their vast pool of talent and capital that will provide for continued enhancements and developments of the Skype software. The added stability they will bring should benefit Skype's robust user base with a record 10 plus million concurrent sessions - a record set not too long ago. For those who have never experienced Skype it is certainly a formidable and deserving video calling solution plus more.

Lynn: So what is on the drawing boards for Friendoozle moving ahead? Are there any new features that you can share with my readers at this time?

Steve: Well, I can't discuss specifically what we are working on but we are very interested in enhanced native apps for I-phone and Android phones to supplement our current mobile website. Beyond that I am unable to share anything just yet.

Lynn: We sure appreciate your time and for providing my readers with a little insight to

Steve: It was a pleasure talking to you. grew out of a desire to provide a family portal specifically aimed at providing our military families a central place to gather and stay in touch during long deployments. You can check them out at

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friendoozle Announces Skype Integration

Friendoozle announced that Skype is now integrated among the social networking site's other methods of contact. We will attempt to speak with a representative of Friendoozle's technology department for further comment. Check back for the update or subscribe to this blog to receive further notifications as updates are posted.
"We are excited to announce that we have added support for Skype within Friendoozle. Now your friends can call you directly from your profile when you are online with Skype. We are really happy about being able to providing a new and exciting user experience with our Skype integration"
Copied from the website's blog section today.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Friendoozle Music Sharing Bands Playlist System

Friendoozle is home to music sharing. Bands are welcome to upload their songs for members to listen to. Friendoozle's music system allows uploading and streaming music and playlists to your Android phone. With Friendoozle's music sharing system members can:
  • Upload their favorite music.
  • Upload their favorite albums.
  • Pick and choose from any album or playlist to build their own playlist.
When you have your playlists created you can access them from the mobile browser in your Android powered device and stream them to your FM radio over an attached FM transmitter or through your car dock. As long as you have WiFi on your phone the music player will stream the music through to you car's radio. music, music sharing, music albums, bands, musicians, music artists, playlist, streaming music, Android

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dating or Meeting New Friends Online Safely

Unfortunately meeting on the internet is not without its potential safety risks and concerns. All social networking websites are faced with the need to ensure their members most private information is protected. All these security enhancements can provide a good level of protection, however, there is no way to guarantee absolute safety and anonymity online.

Widely popular social networking sites like or My Space provide an exceptionally great resource especially considering the sites are free for users. Most public information is really generic and private information is held completely private. Most sites are designed to protect member's identity and allow only on-site contact. Sometimes information is passed along by the member himself or herself or a friend who innocently answers a question asked by a seemingly innocuous mutual friend.

Users of online dating and social networking sites need to be aware of the types of people who use these services. Many of these sites do what they can to weed out false profiles and have flagging systems in place to have profiles reviewed. In addition to the security provisions most site operators offer users should be aware of a few simple rules for protecting their information.

Listed below you will find some common sense guidelines that will help you maintain anonymity for the highest level of security. I provide this information as a guideline only and do not warranty its effectiveness. It is not my intent to discourage but rather encourage online friendships in the most safe and secure setting possible.

  • Be cautious with your address and phone number
    You would be surprised at how many profiles in my research I have encountered with a posted address and phone number. It is common for users to post a cell phone number but remember cell numbers can be traced also.

  • They gave me their number so I could call them
    You may be tempted to call them if they say, call me if you are afraid to give me your number. Remember they probably have caller I.D. so if you do call them guess what - they now have your number.

  • Never give your real name
    They may sound really nice and you may begin to trust them but if you give your first and last name they can find you. If you are listed in the phone book it is that easy to find out where you live.

  • Never mention your place of employment
    Be cautious when providing details. Remember they have probably seen you picture and they can spot you.

  • Do not assume they live far away
    Their profile says they live in California and you live in Virginia so it should be safe to flirt a little. Never assume that just because they say they live across the country from you they do. They could actually live right in your own neighborhood.

  • When discussing hobbies or routines
    Its ok to mention, I work out twice a week, for example, do not say where or when keep your details unspecific.

Most people are inherently good and trustworthy. Online friendships can be as important as friends that you see on a regular basis. The most important thing to remember when you first meet anyone whether in person or online you are talking to someone you do not know. It is important that you spend the time to get to know them in the safest manner that you can whether that be through email, a regular chat or message board or in a public setting such as a coffee shop or speed dating event.

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